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Zantrex 3 Reviews

Zantrex 3 is another fat burning and weight loss supplement that prides itself as a replacement for ephedra. This is a common trend in the weight loss industry since ephedra is seen as an effective fat burning ingredient but it comes with dangerous and fatal side effects. No ingredient has single-handedly replaced ephedra which is why Zantrex 3 is just one of the many ephedra replacement weight loss supplements. Although our first reaction to Zantrex 3 is not favorable, we decided to have a Zantrex 3 review to learn more about the supplement.

Zantrex 3 Ingredients

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The weight loss product is made up of the following:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Damiana
  • Schizonepeta
  • Tibetan and Panax Ginseng
  • Maca Root
  • Kola Nut

Zantrex 3 may not have ephedra as one of its ingredients but it comes with massive doses of caffeine. Most of the ingredients listed have caffeine content that can easily give the body the boost it needs. However, these ingredients are simply thermogenics which means it increase the metabolism so that it can burn more calories while working out.

As a thermogenic weight loss product, Zantrex 3 cannot provide the expected results. This is only recommended for those who are already working out and wanted to burn a few pounds off their body. It could work for the obese but it comes with drastic and even fatal side effects.

Zantrex 3 Side Effects

Because of the high caffeine content, it is very important to take certain precautions before taking the weight loss pill. It could provide the boost you need while working out but the content could be too much that your body would react more than expected. For example, too much energy will prevent you to sleep or even cause mood swings because of the high level of concentration caused by caffeine. Check with your doctor first to make sure your body can handle the side effects.

Is Zantrex 3 Scam?

Zantrex 3 is not a scam but it is a very expensive caffeine-based weight loss product. A month’s supply costs $50 which is a lot more expensive compared to other OTC drugs with the same effect to the body with minimal side effects.

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6 Responses to “Zantrex 3 Reviews”

  • samantha says:

    I love this pill!

  • maggie says:

    I love this pill!! whenever I take it I can workout for hours n hours!!! really love it.

  • brittany says:

    today was my first day taking it i woke up at 8:00 am and took 2 and went to the gym it was the most amazing feeling i can already see a difference in my belly i weighed 190 and now i weigh 185 that is crazy i can finally fit in a two piece swimming suit i love it of course i wanna lose more but at dinner time i took one and went to the gym and i love this pill

  • Carlos says:

    I just took my first dose and I can already feel the energy plus, Im not feeling as hungry as I normally do.

  • Brittany G says:

    Today is my first day using zantrex-3 res bottle, i have read really good things about this product and i am hoping to see some great results i just had a baby and need to drop about 30 lbs.. Ill be doing a low carb diet fallowed by 45 minute walking until i am released back to working out. Wish me luck

  • CK says:

    I just started my first dose today. I have tried other pills in the past and I was surprised at how quickly these work!! I have had no energy lately, my mind has been moving but my body hasn’t wanted to. I took two pills and before long both my mind and body have been in synch. I hope to lose about 20 pounds but right now I’m very satisfied on how they make me feel. I would highly recommend this product.

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