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Slimina Review

Slimina is a relatively new herbal product sold online and in some local pharmacies. It’s known as a pure herbal product that claims to help in weight loss by releasing wanted water in the body and flushing out bad cholesterol and fats. Our research team conducted several Slimina reviews in order to determine the veracity of the manufacturer’s claim. It’s best that the product gets a review before it becomes very popular so that the public will receive fair warning or at least recommendation if the product works as expected.

Slimina Ingredients

Unfortunately, information on the product’s ingredients is not extensive. The only data available after extensive research are the following herbal products included in the weight loss pill:

  • Perillla
  • Cassie Seed
  • Rhizoma Alismatis

Perilla is included in the weight loss pill as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Cassie seed is also included to easily extract cholesterol and fats from the body. Rhizoma Alismatis is a form of water plantain that helps in removing water from the body. Of course, Rhizoma Alismatis does not remove water from important process of the body but only in areas where water is unnecessarily retained.

Slimina Side Effects

Slimina offers some impressive ingredients in helping people lose weight. However, there are side effects that can cause discomfort for many people. The common side effects of Slimina are irritable bowl syndrome or uncontrolled excretion of fluid from the rectum.

Another common side effect in Slimina is the feeling of nausea and drowsiness. Although there is no ingredient that could cause this side effect, many users have reported experiencing drowsiness after taking the pill. Manufacturers and sellers are also warning those considering the product to take precautions and use the product only as directed because it could cause different types of side effects and some of them may be fatal.

Is Slimina Scam?

Slimina is not as popular compared to other weight loss products in the market and there are some sellers that could just ask for payment without giving anything back. As much as possible, purchase only Slimina in local pharmacies or web stores known for their reliable products and customer service.

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One Response to “Slimina Review”

  • Di says:

    I used this for 2 weeks .in week 1 i
    Lost 3 kilos. Week 2 nathing so I stoped taking it . I think u just lose water only :( not happy with the pills.

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