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Almased Reviews

Almased is a diet supplement that can aid in weight loss through fasting and dieting. Although it pushes for healthy foods as part of the diet plan, they focus on their diet drink marketed as a healthy meal replacement. It’s also considered a very safe weight loss product because it contains only natural ingredients.

Almased Ingredients

Almased is made up of the following natural products:

  • Soy
  • Skim Milk Yogurt Powder
  • Honey Enzymes

These are very simple ingredients but they could be effective as a meal replacement. Soy and skim milk yogurt powder can help reduce intake of carbohydrates and fats but they will make you feel full. The manufacturer opted to add honey enzymes in the product to ensure the product’s availability for those suffering from diabetes.

Experiencing Almased

Our Almased reviews based on our research and experience has been positive. However, the product is not recommended for everyone. The recommended program of the manufacturer is not very easy and it could have some side effects. If you haven’t tried any type of diet program through fasting, then this product could do more damage than good. You’ll feel weak which could make you susceptible to different diseases. Almased also requires strict diet program so food will be limited and the choices on what you can eat is also limited. This is actually a good thing but staying on a really strict diet is not feasible for everyone. Crashing is always a possibility.

Almased Side Effects

As a product made of natural ingredients, Almased does not have any side effects. But some could not take Almased because of their allergic reaction to soy. Individuals who are lactose-intolerant are also advised against the product because of the skim milk yogurt ingredient.

Almased Scam?

Almased do not scam their customers. However, their product is very expensive. The “Almased Synergy Diet Kit” costs $99.95 (for 3 canisters). This is a very hefty price for a diet product especially it comes with additional requirements.

Bottom line: Almased is a good weight loss supplement for those who are physically familiar with dieting and fasting. However, the product is very expensive and the suggested program along with the product is very rigorous and will also require additional spending.

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